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Book Displays

Native American Heritage Month

ISBN: 9781324003861
Title: An American Sunrise
ISBN: 9781616958886
Title: Where the Dead Sit Talking
ISBN: 9781599799841
Title: Morning for Dove
Morning for Dove book cover
ISBN: 9780062979131
Title: The Night Watchman
ISBN: 9781101525678
Title: Caleb's Crossing
ISBN: 9780802149145
Title: Crooked Hallelujah
ISBN: 9781534413504
Title: Trail of Lightning
ISBN: 9780802119711
Title: Rez Life

Local Comics - Comic books purchased from Muncie Comic Stores

ISBN: 9781506700236
Title: Aw yeah comics! : Action Cat & Adventure Bug
Author: Art Baltazar and Franco
ISBN: 9781770461291
Title: Beautiful darkness
Author: Fabien Vehlmann & Kerasco√ęt
ISBN: 9781632153661
Title: Bitch Planet. Book one, Extraordinary machine
Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ISBN: 9781616553050
Title: Buzzkill
Author: Donny Cates and Mark Reznicek
ISBN: 9781607069850
Title: I kill giants
Author: Joe Kelly
ISBN: 9781608866878
Title: Lumberjanes
Author: Noelle Stevenson

Staff Recommendations

ISBN: 9781785654657
ISBN: 9781433248122
ISBN: 9780735211292
ISBN: 9781982107215
ISBN: 9780062369581
ISBN: 9780374104092
ISBN: 9780593191569
ISBN: 9781101906118
ISBN: 9780062319807
ISBN: 9780735225299
ISBN: 9780553805499
ISBN: 9781402227295
ISBN: 9781449478964