Room Reservation
Muncie Public Library has several meeting rooms that are available for public meetings. Reserving a room is simple and affordable, usually at no charge.
Ask for Recommendations
Are you in search for the next best read or watch? Read through our Adult Services department profiles to figure out who you'd like to give you your recommendation!
Custom Collection
Are you homeschooling or teaching and in need of books on certain subjects? Or are you interested in books on a special topic for your own use? Let us do your browsing for you!
Creative Technology
Discover our technology offerings, including computer classes, audio, digital design, and film services, and much more!
Databases & Resources
We have a collection of databases for research and e-Material including AncestryLibrary, Gale Legal Forms, Libby, Hoopla, and more!
Education Resources
Learn about the various library education services we provide like book club kits for adults, as well as information on schools/colleges, and test prep and study resources.
Book & Film Clubs
We have many book clubs and one film club to choose from. No library card is ever needed to join the fun, just drop by and attend!
Local History & Genealogy
Carnegie Library houses the Local History & Genealogy collection where you can research local history, genealogy, and special collections.
Test Proctoring
Are you a student in need of a proctor? Muncie Public Library offers proctoring Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Proctoring is only offered at Maring-Hunt Library