Local Resources & Assistance
Where to find information about government officials, human services, public assistance, food aid, special needs resources, a Muncie-area recreation guide, local newspapers and media outlets.
Education Resources
Learn more about various education-related services offered by the library, such as Custom Collections and Book Club Kits. This guide also links you to educational institutions and resources for test preparation.
Job Seekers & Career Development
Information about filing for unemployment assistance, searching for jobs online, avoiding scams, writing a resume, building workplace skills, and choosing a career.
Grant Resource Guide
This guide is for grant seekers to learn how to use the directories available, where to find statistics for grant applications and reports, how to start a nonprofit organization, where to find continuing education, and more.
Guide to Civics
Learn about the rights and responsibilities of citizens at the local, state, national, and global levels as well as the history of our nation as a democracy.
Health Insurance Information
Information about the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare), how to obtaining health coverage through the state of Indiana or with the help of a Healthcare Navigator, and protecting yourself from fraud.
Stitch Against the Cold Resources
In an effort to help those in need this winter, we are collecting knitted, crocheted, or sewn hats as donations. This guide provides more information about the initiative as well as sources for knit and crochet patterns.
Armchair Travel Guides
A guide about travel developed in conjunction with our recurring Armchair Travel program. Find guidebooks, travel agencies, and websites for making real-world travel plans, as well as in-depth profiles of each country visited in our virtual events.
Tax Information
Find quick links, frequently asked questions, and who to contact when it comes to tax preparation and information.