I will read any book, so long that it is exactly 294 pages long. Does not speak Welsh. Got into a soccer brawl in Ireland once. Insufferable film snob who wants you to learn more too. Supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays.
Doctor of music who likes a little bit of everything. There are good books that can be found in all genres. Particularly likes presidential biographies, literary fiction, and science fiction/fantasy.
Laura J.
Will read pretty much anything. Bonus points for stories that evoke tears or laughs. Enjoying graphic novels, realistic fiction, and narrative nonfiction right now.
In my spare time, I like to read books that explore the many unique aspects of American society. I love books about the Civil Rights Movement, social movements, impact litigation, and political and legal analysis. When I do find myself straying into fiction, I enjoy lighthearted fantasy.
Hi! I'm Alexis! My all-time favorite genre is historical fiction, especially if the book is set in Medieval or Renaissance Britain, but I dabble in other geographies and time periods. I also read Biographies and Science Fiction as well as Historical Non-Fiction. As a history person, I love period films mostly, but after befriending someone from Mumbai during college, Bollywood films have become a guilty pleasure of mine!
Fine purveyor of nonfiction, graphic novels, and various supernatural science fiction/classic mysteries. Noted Seinfeld aficionado, gamer, nonprofessional chef, and coffee/spice addict.
An all-around geek and artist who loves just about anything comic book, sci-fi/fantasy, video game or anime related. Also a crazy cat lady and the library’s go-to person for local history & genealogy.
A former English student who likes anything with a quality narrative. Be it a mystery, royal biography, fantasy, or graphic novel, it's the telling that makes the story. When it comes to media, however, period dramas and history are the name of the game.