A reader of anything historical whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or biographies. I love medieval Europe, particularly Britain, but I dabble in all periods/geographies. I also read science fiction but prefer optimistic scifi like Star Trek, not dystopian. Recently discovered a love for romantic fluff and currently diving headfirst into that! For film, I watch anything as long as it’s quality storytelling and not overly violent. I enjoy period dramas, biopics, romantic comedies, sci-fi, and Asian media of all types.
Fine purveyor of nonfiction, graphic novels, and various supernatural science fiction/classic mysteries. Noted Seinfeld aficionado, gamer, and non-professional chef. Fueled by coffee, spicy foods, and trying to figure out the secrets of the universe/multiverse.
A former English student who likes anything with a quality narrative. Be it a mystery, royal biography, fantasy, or graphic novel, it's the telling that makes the story. When it comes to media, however, period dramas and history are the name of the game.
An all-around geek and artist who loves just about anything comic book, sci-fi/fantasy, video game or anime related. Also a crazy cat lady and the library’s go-to person for local history & genealogy.
I was an art teacher for many years. I spend a lot of my free time knitting and crocheting. I can’t say I have a favorite format to read. I’ll read an actual paper book, e-book, or listen to an audiobook. I like to read mysteries and sci-fi books. Time travel fascinates me. I also like to read books to help me get organized and keep my house clean.
My go-to genres are Sci-Fi/Fantasy, graphic novels, and literary fiction, but I am currently on a quest to expand my interests. Join me as I find great books in every section!
I like saying I appreciate "anything good", but I love horror, surrealism, magic realism, and anything transgressive. I am big into cinema; so I could talk to you about giallo, trash cinema, jidaigeki, noir, psychological thriller, camp, or documentaries about cults.
Literary and classic literature to the head of the line but plenty of paperback fun along the way. Special attention made to sci-fi/horror. Pulp is a guilty indulgence for which I no longer apologize. LGBTQ fiction and history has been a lifelong pursuit as anything to do with American history, presidential biographies, radical politics, subculture and counterculture studies. A doctorate in music has proven to be helpful. I have a very large collection of textbooks, scores, and periodicals on anything music related. Once upon a time, I sang a little opera.
Laura J.
Will read pretty much anything. Bonus points for stories that evoke tears or laughs. Enjoying graphic novels, realistic fiction, and narrative nonfiction right now.

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