I will read any book, so long that it is exactly 294 pages long. Does not speak Welsh. Got into a soccer brawl in Ireland once. Insufferable film snob who wants you to learn more too. Supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays.
Doctor of music who likes a little bit of everything. There are good books that can be found in all genres. Particularly likes presidential biographies, literary fiction, and science fiction/fantasy.
Laura J.
Will read pretty much anything. Bonus points for stories that evoke tears or laughs. Enjoying graphic novels, realistic fiction, and narrative nonfiction right now.
Laura G.
Love reading fantasy (through I never read Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones), mysteries, and true crime.
Kathy loves historical fiction and family sagas, cozy mysteries, thrillers, and suspense.
I enjoy 19th-century Romantic poetry, Dada/Surrealist art and plays, challenging and engaging films from Haneke and Godard, and synth-pop/new-wave music. I also make electronic music, write poetry/lyrics, and maintain an encyclopedic knowledge of classic Simpsons trivia in my spare time.
Hi! I'm Alexis! My all-time favorite genre is historical fiction, especially if the book is set in Medieval or Renaissance Britain, but I dabble in other geographies and time periods. I also read Biographies and Science Fiction as well as Historical Non-Fiction. As a history person, I love period films mostly, but after befriending someone from Mumbai during college, Bollywood films have become a guilty pleasure of mine!
Fine purveyor of nonfiction, graphic novels, and various supernatural science fiction/classic mysteries. Noted Seinfeld aficionado, gamer, nonprofessional chef, and coffee/spice addict.
An all-around geek and artist who loves just about anything comic book, sci-fi/fantasy, video game or anime related. Also a crazy cat lady and the library’s go-to person for local history & genealogy.