Recording Studio (CC/MH)

Use this recording space for your next song, podcast, voice-over, or whatever your next audio project can be. Reserving the studios include:

Music keyboards linked with Logic Pro X or Garageband can become virtually any instrument and style.



Record using dynamic, high-frequency microphones for song’s vocals, podcasts, voice-over, or whatever you need to sound good.



Music Mixing (CC/MH)

Use professional audio mixing program Logic Pro X to record audio from microphone, keyboard, and whatever other instruments you can plug into an XLR port. In the past, patrons have created projects like this.



Use the MIDI Beat Pad to take your music mixing and recording of beats and samples to the next level. 


3D Printing and Design (CC/MH)

Go from concept to creation using MPL’s 3D printer! 3D printers work by laying thin lines of plastic building your design from the bottom up. Create your own designs using websites like or visit to discover already built files for printing. Bring in “.stl” files for our staff will preview. We’ll be able to let you know whether the file can be printed on our machines, about how long printing could take, and about how much plastic the printer estimates it will use. 3D print orders cost $.20/gram of the finished product but it never costs a dime to look! See Muncie Public Library’s 3D printers in action at both Connection Corner and idea studio (2nd Floor, Maring-Hunt Library)


Illustrator (CC/MH)

Adobe Illustrator is the great blank canvas with tools to create any project. From company logos, web images, to posters, Illustrator can help you create digital or printed masterpieces. Book a tutoring session or check out our workshops to learn this invaluable design tool!

Photoshop (CC/MH)

Adobe Photoshop is still the number one photo editing and manipulation software. Tools allow subtle effects to drastic transformations from the simplest family photo to professional green screen pictures. Book a tutoring session or check out our workshops to learn this invaluable design tool!

WaCom Tablet (CC/MH)

Want to design but hate drawing with a mouse? Use the stylus and tablet for precise movement with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and more.

Green Screen Wall (CC/MH)

Take photos or video in front of our green wall, and then replace that background with anything you can think of. Fly through space or swim away from hungry sharks all from the safety of your local library!

Editing Video (CC/MH)








Final Cut X

The latest in video editing, Final Cut X takes the work done by professionals and makes it accessible for any skill level. Use prebuilt audio and transitions to take your project to the next level.



Adobe Premiere


This industry standard editing program is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, working well with Photoshop and After Effects. Meet with a Digital Mentor today and start your next great movie!