Skeletons in Your Closet

Marriage and Divorce Records

The Local History Center has Delaware County Marriage Records , 1827-1996. Divorces (prior to 1950) often can be found in the card file for Superior Court Records located at the Center. 

Census Records

Individuals "living" in institutions, such as prisons and mental hospitals, can often be located in census records. Prostitutes may be listed as "sporting" women or as "dressmakers" in a household run by a "landlady"

Coronor's Records

Did your ancestor die unexpectedly or violently? The Local History & Genealogy Center has a small collection of Delaware County Coronor's Records mainly from the late 1880's to the 1930's  

Funeral Home Records

Funeral home records can reveal how and when your ancestor died. Our collection includes records from Muncie funeral homes, including Parson's and Meeks. These records are available online via the Muncie Delaware County Digital Resource Library

Insane Records

Before a person was committed to a state mental hospital, the county documented the case. If your ancestor is listed in an "Insane Record" it does not necessarily mean they were a raving lunatic. They may have been suffering from clinical depression or perhaps they were an "oddball" or an excentric person that was causing friction in the family. The Local History & Genealogy Center has Delaware County Insane Records from 1869-1927

Court Records

Was your ancestor involved in a dispute or a crime? The Center has a vast collection of Delaware County court house records (criminal, civil and superior) prior to 1950. Many of these records are available online via the Muncie Delaware County Digital Resource Library

You can also access more current Delaware County court records via our subscription to "DoxPop".


Newspaper articles and obituaries, especially prior to the 1980's, often contained sensational accounts of crimes and how a person died.  The Center has a comprehensive collection of Muncie newspapers from the late 1800's to present.