Operations Policies

Download MPL Operations Policy (PDF)

Some policies, like our meeting room policy, may require an accompanying form which needs to be printed and reviewed separately by you. Here's a list of our current forms: 

Library Operations are driven by Vision, Mission, Values and Policies. They express what our customers can expect from the Library in terms of services, collections, programs and staff.

Our vision is that every member of the community will value knowledge and education. We dream of a community where diversity is valued, nurtured and supported and where good citizenship is practiced. We envision a future where people get excited by ideas and enjoy lifelong learning and reading.
Fulfilling the Vision
The Library will be a catalyst for achieving this vision by providing safe environments where people of all ages may gather for public discourse and where they can obtain materials which foster a love of reading and lifelong learning.
The Muncie Public Library will facilitate the quest for knowledge by providing materials, programs and services that will assist people in learning as much as they desire. We will promote the values associated with good citizenship through heritage education, programs and policies.
To provide convenient and equal access to information in useful formats; creating environments which foster lifelong learning, personal enrichment and a literate society; strengthening information partnerships through resource sharing, and actively promoting Library services, programs and materials to the community.


  • Every Customer is important
  • We recognize that we are customers of each other
  • All customers have the right to expect quality service
  • All customers have the right to expect accurate and friendly service
  • We will resolve issues and problems at the lowest possible level
  • We will focus on what we can do, not on what we can't do
  • We will find a way to say YES if at all possible
  • We will take initiative to meet customer needs
  • We will Make their day better!

We will create and maintain a supportive environment

  • By treating people with compassion and respect
  • By actively listening to every person's complaint, suggestion, concern
  • By choosing to exhibit a positive, 'can-do' attitude
  • By being approachable
  • By sharing information and resources
  • By helping each other be successful
  • By communicating all issues, concerns and questions to the appropriate people

Programs, collections and services

  • Our collections and services will meet community needs
  • Customers will have access to all Library resources
  • Programs will target community needs and interests
  • Technology resources will adapt to information resources and prepare customers for technology demands of the 21st Century