Click on Pressbooks to create e-book and print-ready formats of your novel, memoir, poetry collection, children's book, or any other kind of book.

Create professional-quality versions of your book in .epub, .pdf, and other formats.

After formatting your book with Pressbooks you can export it as a .pdf or .epub document and use Indie Author Project to share it in the Indie Indiana collection.

About Pressbooks:

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What is Pressbooks?

Pressbooks is an easy-to-use online software — now available through your library — that allows you to create professional-quality eBook and print-ready files of your book in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats.

Do I need to know anything about graphic design or coding to use Pressbooks?

Nope! You can write, edit and format your book in Pressbooks with no coding or graphic design knowledge at all. Pressbooks offers over 50 different free themes, each carefully and professionally designed, that are ready for you choose from. Pressbooks also allows you to easily add footnotes, images, front matter, back matter, table of contents and more, all with no experience necessary.

Does Pressbooks take any ownership of my exported files?

None at all. After exporting your book with Pressbooks you still retain complete and total ownership of your content and all exported files, and can distribute your work however you would like. Pressbooks claims no portion of any future or past royalties.

Can I use Pressbooks if I already have a draft of my book?

Yes! You can copy and paste each existing chapter of your book into Pressbooks OR import your entire Word document. (Note: Pressbooks cannot convert .pdf files to .epub)

After I export my book with Pressbooks can I make changes to it?

Yes! You can edit and update your works in Pressbooks and export the updated files as frequently as you would like, for as long as you would like.

I’m having trouble getting started with Pressbooks, what should I do?

If you’re not sure how to begin using Pressbooks, ask your local librarian today about our Training Resources. There are a variety of videos, tutorials and training guides designed to get you on your way to producing the best versions of your works as possible.