Literary Explorers

Literary Explorers provides a friendly and open environment to discuss the newest bestsellers. This club meets the second Thursday every month at 6:30pm at Kennedy Library. Everyone is welcome! Here are the 2017 book selections.

   The Reading Circle

The Reading Circle meets the second Tuesday at noon to discuss a wide range of selections from classics to modern hits. Feel free to come to a meeting if you've read the book and want to discuss, or if you'd like to learn more about the book before you read it. The selections are all chosen ahead of time, so you can easily fit the books into your personal reading list and prepare for each meeting. Here's the reading list for the 2017 year.

  Books on Tap

This diverse and wonderful book club is for those 21+.  It meets at Twin Archers Brewpub downtown on the last Tuesday of every month. Its titles aren't limited to a specific genre, and they pride themselves on operating democratically. Book clubbers get to vote each month for the title they would like to read next. Come down to Twin Archers, grab a beer and chat with us about the book. Email Laura at to be added to the book club mailing list.

  Bookworms & Brews

MPL's newest book club hosts a monthly discussion on a variety of classic and contemporary literature at The Fickle Peach bar in downtown Muncie. This group now meets the third Thursday of the month at 6pm. Must be 21+ to attend this book club. Check out the book selections for 2017.

  A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea is MPL's Feminist Book Club. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm in the Maker Loft Annex (Second Floor) at Maring-Hunt. Anyone can join the feminist book club, and every adult is encouraged to take part. Feminism is not a novel idea, nor is it a 'bad' word -- let's discuss how feminism is for everyone. You can find the book list selection here.



CineMuncie  CineMuncie

A film club for people who stay all the way through the credits.  Come appreciate classic, art, indie, foreign and cult classic films with friends!
Here are the 2017 CineMuncie film selections.

 Rated M

A discussion group for gamers interested in speaking critically about the gaming industry, gamer culture, major issues in gaming, as well as game design and mechanics. Each month will have multiple opportunities to join in the discussion, so keep an eye on our web page and calendar to find out what topic is up next! Will we be talking about zombies, diversity within the gaming industry, microtransactions, or safe rooms? Find out here.