A mainstay of the local community, Muncie Public Library has a long history of providing enriching, educational content in a friendly environment for our neighbors. In our continued efforts to advance our mission and continue serving our members and the community at large, MPL is happy to enjoy a beneficial relationship with our committed Board of Trustees and the organization Friends of MPL. They help to ensure that our contributions to the community lead to a better story for all.

Mission of the Library

The Muncie Public Library will provide accessible and innovative services responding to the reading, informational, educational, and enrichment needs of the community. 


  • We value our ability to be proactive and responsive to community needs
  • We value organization effectiveness and efficiency
  • We value and support innovation and flexibility in planning and operation
  • We value our relationship with each other and the community and will treat everyone with respect and courtesy

Vision of the Library

We envision a future where people get excited by ideas and utilize the resources of the Library to explore, discover, imagine, and create. We seek to be recognized for providing access to new technology, print resources, and educational opportunities. We commit ourselves to the community and will strive to provide leadership in solving the problems facing the community through a variety of strategies, including public conversation/town hall meeting events.

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